Korea Day 6 (Cooking Class and Hongdae with Jiyoon)

Koreans have one of the best dishes in the whole world!! :)) :))

Kyomi Shumi

Today’s after class activity was cooking Korean dishes. Hobakjeon (panfried zucchini fritters) and gogi sanjeok (beef skewers).




DSC_0368 This is my teacher!


It was fun, easy, and tasty! Free lunch! (not really, the cost of all the activities is included in our tuition).

Afterwards I met up with my friend Jiyoon and we went to the Trick Eye Museum together. It is usually 15,000 but we got in for 10,500 because Jiyoon bought tickets online beforehand. We went on a random Wednesday afternoon and there were still a good amount of people, so I don’t want to imagine how frustrating it might be on the weekends.

It was a lot more embarrassing than I expected… If you are shy, you have to go with friends who don’t get embarrassed easily.


They also had an ice exhibit, but it was freezing (duh) so we couldn’t stay in there for very long.


Afterwards we…

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