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S.K. in S.K.

After visiting the Joseon royal tombs, I went to the old temple Bongeun-sa, which, like the royal tombs, in incongruous with its surroundings in the Gangnam District.

Bongeung-sa is in Seoul's Gangnam District Bongeung-sa is in Seoul’s Gangnam District

I think it says something about what I’m interested in that the only places I bothered to visit in the ultramodern, chic, super-rich Gangnam District are two places which are over 400 years old, though to be honest, most what I saw of the Gangnam district looked like a typical South Korean urban neighborhood.

In fact, these two places are related – Queen Jeonghyeon (who is buried in the royal tombs park) had the temple restored and rename β€˜Bonguensa’ (it previously was called β€˜Gyeongseongsa’).

As I’ve said before, Buddhism was banned in Seoul during the Joseon dynasty, and otherwise discouraged. However, Buddhism was somewhat accepted as a woman’s religion, and it was even tolerated that some…

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