Seolleung & Jeongneung, Two Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty


S.K. in S.K.


So, I’ve been to the famous Baekje royal tomb and Silla royal tombs, but what about the royal tombs of later periods? Well, the Goryeo royal tombs are in North Korea, so I couldn’t go there. Most of the Joseon royal tombs, which collectively are a World Heritage Site, are in inconvenient locations, but there are two which just happen to be in Seoul city limits.

Seolleung & Jeongneung are in Seoul's Gangnam District Seolleung & Jeongneung are in Seoul’s Gangnam District

Yes, the Gangnam district is the same β€˜Gangnam’ which had been made world-famous by the super-popular song, and this article tries to connect the song to the actual neighborhood, but I digress. Obviously, the Joseon royal tombs were there long before Gangnam became the ultimate enclave of the South Korean elite.


Like earlier royal tombs, the Joseon royal tombs consist of grassy mounds, but they have a lot more stonework built around…

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