Changdeokgung, the Last Palace I Visited in South Korea, Part 4: Nakseonjae

Wow..these stuff really do exist!

S.K. in S.K.


Nakseonjae is a complex of relatively simple buildings in the corner of Changdeokgung Palace, which is a World Heritage Site. As you can see, it has much plainer colors than most of the other palace buildings.


This set of buildings was built in 1847 to serve as the residence for the king’s grandmother and the king’s concubine.


It is built in Qing-dynasty Chinese style. The Joseon kingdom initially had bad relations with the Qing dynasty since they considered the Ming to be the legitimate rulers of the Chines empire, but after the Qing ruled China for about a century and it was obvious that the Ming were never coming back, Joseon had a much more diplomatic relationship with the Qing. Evidently, by 1847, the Joseon rulers were even willing to copy Qing style.


While living in Taiwan, I saw a number of Shaw-Brothers movies (from Hong Kong) which…

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