🔥🔥 Geom-Mojam 🔥🔥

Geom Mojam was a General in Goguryeo (Ancient Korea). He served Supreme Commander of Military Affairs Yeon Gaesomun and Great General Yang Man-chun. Geom Mojam was the trainer of Yeon Gaesomuns bodyguards and new recruits to the army. He was called the Martial Arts Master. He had even taught Prince Anseong (King Bojang of Goguryeos Nephew). Geom Mojam was also a member of the council of nobles and court. He always made wise decision to protect his lands. He was loyal to General Yang-Manchun and supported Dae Joyoung. Once Goguryeo fell he made an alliance with Shilla and formed a new kingdom at Han Fortress appointing Anseong as the new King supported by General On Samun and Yi Kiwu. He then appointed himself Dae Mangniji (Supreme Commander). After being betrayed by General Kim from Silla, King Anseong had him and the other Generals killed.


Read more: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geom_Mojam



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