SK in SK: A History of South Korea

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S.K. in S.K.

I had read Everlasting Flower: A History of Korea before I ever went to East Asia, but my travels around South Korea definitely deepened and solidified my knowledge and understanding of Korean history. These are the S.K. in S.K. posts arranged in an order to serve as a chronological history of South Korea, going from prehistoric times to the present. I’d like to think that reading these posts, in this order, offers a decent introduction to South Korean history.

A Natural History
The Caverns of Hwanseongul
Hallasan Part 1: Ascent via the Seongpanak Trail
Hallasan Part 2: Descent via the Gwaneum-sa Trail
Manjanggul, the Lava Tube Cave, and Gimyeong Maze Park
Sunrise at Castle Mountain Sunrise Peak
The Caves of Sobaeksan

A Legendary Prehistory
Guardian of the Han River: Ganghwa Island
Seoraksan National Park: Ulsan Bawi
Jeju Stone Park
The Famous Waterfalls of Seogwipo & Jungmun
The Ancient Shrine on…

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