A Final Afternoon in South Korea: Bukaksan, the Northern Guardian of Seoul

A Fine Place To Go Indeed!! 😤☺️

S.K. in S.K.


From Inwangsan, I walked along the remains/reconstruction of the old Seoul City Wall to Bukaksan, the mountain to the north of Seoul which offered the city some of its good feng shui.

Bukaksan is in Seoul's Jongno district. Bukaksan is in Seoul’s Jongno district.

I actually had arranged to have lunch with somebody right before I left for the airport, and I knew I was definitely going to be late if I tried to go to Bukaksan. On the other hand, I knew I would probably never get another chance to see Bukaksan. So I called her, told her I was going to be late, and decided to go for it. After all, from Sukjeongmun (one of the old Joseon gates) to Changguimun (another old Joseon gate) was only 2 kilometers, so I could cover that pretty quickly, right?


What I forgot is that the name of the mountain is Buk-AK-san, and that any…

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