The Great, the Undefeated Yi Soon-Sin

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The Saviour's Samurai

Last month I wrote a post which listed some of history’s undefeated generals. An acquaintance of mine pointed out on Facebook that I failed to list the Korean general Yi Soon-sin. I know that Yi Soon-sin, with his powerful turtle-ships and against nigh impossible odds, drove the Japanese out of Korea in the 1590s. However, I did not know that he was undefeated. Considering how remarkable his exploits were, it is only fair that I rectify my omission by a post dedicated solely to him. Today is also the anniversary of my blog – three years! Considering that this post involves the samurai (as antagonists, but still), that my blog is called The Saviour’s Samurai, and that the Japanese invasion of Korea, in which Yi Soon-sin proved his might, began in May 1592, this post is amazingly fitting.

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