Briefly about Key People in Ancient Korea!

Gukseon Munno:

Munno was the Hwarang (Youth Soilders) Grand Master in the Korean Kingdom Silla. He was known to be a martial arts expert, a wise teacher and one of the strongest man that lived in Silla. 

Ko Mu:

Was the Grandfather of King Gwangaeto the Great and Great General of the Goguryeo Kingdom. He is best known for his victory against Houyans (Chinese Dynasty) first invasion in Yodongseong Fortress in the year 292. He was the wisest amongst the whole council of nobles.


Was the Minister of Defence in Silla. Sulwon was once a Hwarang Warrior (Youth Warrior) in Ancient Korea. He had served King Jinheung  of Silla since he was young. Successfully completed all his tasks and missions. Sulwons biggest achievment is invading Kajamseong Fortress and defeating the Baekje Armies.

Seju Mishil:

Mishil was the first female Hwarang Warrior (Youth Warriors) She was known as the guardian of the kings. She was so trusted that she was the keeper of Koreas royal seal in Silla.  She was a loyal warrior who also became a teacher of the Hwarang and lead them into many battles against Goguryeo.

Emperor Taejo:

After the fall of Balhea (Ancient Korea), Taejo founded Goryeo (Korea). The great Emperor Taejo had reunited the Three Kingdoms of Korea (Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla) once again.  He is also notable for his victories against the Khitan Tribes (Mongolian Tribes). 


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